Analogbook | The Photographer's Notebook
A comprehensive set of photography notebooks to celebrate and support all those who shoot film.
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The photographer’s notebook

Analogbook is a system of notebooks specifically designed for professional photographers, artists, and photography students. A combination of the words “analog” and “logbook”, each Analogbook is an invaluable resource and celebration for all of those choosing to shoot film.

For anyone shooting film photography, processing their own film, and printing in the darkroom, Analogbooks provide the framework to record every piece of relevant photographic data,  learn from and refine their process, and achieve the best results with every shot.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

– Ansel Adams


Custom layouts

Specifically designed to enable an accurate recording of the photographic process, frame by frame, project after project.

Reference materials

The interior covers feature valuable photographic tips, charts, and tables, with several spaces where you can add your own.

The perfect size

At 96mm x 140mm the film notebooks are ideal for carrying in a pocket or camera bag. The Darkroom notebook is double the size.

Packs of two

Film formats come in an economical pack of two. The Darkroom notebook is sold individually and Blank notebooks in threes.

Integrated grey card

The back cover of each notebook doubles as an 18% reflectance grey card, helping you achieve accurate light meter readings.

A little extra

Each notebook contains a few additional blank pages where you can add extra notes, drawings, diagrams, and more.

Sustainably produced

Each notebook is printed using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper.

Archive ready

Film format notebooks fit exactly into 4x5 archival negative sleeves.

Truly collaborative

Every customer's feedback goes into making the notebooks even better.


135 Format

For rolls of 35mm film. 64 pages.

Records 15 rolls of film.

Pack of 2.

$13.25 Add to basket

Medium Format

For 120 film rolls. 64 pages. 

Records 15 rolls of film.

Pack of 2.

$13.25 Add to basket

Large Format

For sheet film. 64 pages.

Records 60 sheets of film.

Pack of 2.

$13.25 Add to basket

Darkroom Processing

Definitive logbook for film processing.

48 pages. 140mm x 192mm.

220 spaces to record film development.

$13.25 Add to basket

Darkroom Printing

Definitive logbook for darkroom printing.

48 pages. 140mm x 192mm.

Ample space to record hundreds of prints.

$13.25 Add to basket


 For general use, a simple blank notebook. 32 pages.

Same quality and finish as the format notebooks.

Pack of 3.

$12.75 Add to basket


Educational Institutions

Analogbooks are available at a discounted rate for photography programs, professors, and students. Email to learn more.


Looking to sell Analogbooks in your photography store? Bulk discounts are available for retailers. Email to find out how.


Analogbooks can be found in some of the finer photography stores around the world. If you would like to sell Analogbooks, please contact us with a wholesale inquiry using the address above. Trying to find Analogbooks in your local store? Pease fill out the feedback form and mention them by name.

The Kickstart

In March of 2014 a successful crowdfunding campaign enabled the first big print run of Analogbook. The revision and production process was laid bare to all backers of the project. Their feedback helped refine Analogbook into the most useful set of photography notebooks to the largest number of photographers. The campaign video shown here describes the inspiration behind the project.





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